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All code for PFMFind is released under GNU General Public License, Version 2.


Further details about the basics of PFMFind can be found in the following references:

    1. Pestov and A. Stojmirović. Indexing schemes for similarity search: an illustrated paradigm. Fundam. Inform., 70 (4):367-385, 2006.
    1. Stojmirović and V. Pestov. Indexing schemes for similarity search in datasets of short protein fragments. Inf. Syst., 32 (8):1145-1165, 2007.
    1. Stojmirović, P. Andreae, M. Boland, T. W. Jordan, and V. G. Pestov. PFMFind: a system for discovery of peptide homology and function. ArXiv e-print q-bio/0603011, 2006.

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