Entering PFMFind client settings

Database and index connection settings are entered through the Settings tab.

PFMFind Settings tab

Settings tab

Database settings

To establish database connection, enter the same settings that were specfied in the PFMFsetupdb.py configuration file. Specifically, attributes of the <Database> tags should give you the entries for Database, Host, Port, User and Password. The Dataset schema entry should come from the <Schema> tag attribute. The PFMFind schema stores the results of your searches. It can be set to any identifier: if it does not exist it will be automatically created. After entering all necessary information, press Connect to establish connection.

Index settings

To connect to an index server, enter its host name and port and click the Connect button. If successful is established, the Index tab will be enabled.


You must establish database connection before connecting to an index. Conversly, when disconnecting, you must first disconnect from the index and then from the database.

Plugin settings

To specify a directory for additional search matrix plugins, enter it under Custom plugin path and click Set.

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